Friday, July 27, 2012

Rene & Amanda - July 2012

     I met Amanda & Rene about a year and a half ago at our church. After hearing about their super sweet proposal, I was secretly hoping to be able to work on their forward a few months, and I was having a meeting with Amanda and her mom, Joann. There were so many great ideas that Amanda and her mom had compiled, and I knew they could be a reality...but they weren't sure. So we got to work!! Because Amanda wanted a DIY, rustic yet feminine wedding, and they wanted to get to work on the DIY projects, I spent many evenings at her family's home, sitting around the dining table crafting! We had so much fun! We really made it a family event that everyone got to be a part of! I so enjoyed getting to be a part of planning and making the bride's dream wedding a reality!
      My favorite part of it all was at the wedding, towards the end of the reception, Amanda told me, "I can't believe it, it's more than I dreamed it could have been!" Those are the moments I do this for... : )

       I also must mention the amazing photography by joe+kathrina! An amazing couple who are so professional and amazing at what they do!! They are so comfortable to be around. After sitting with them for a few minutes, I felt like we were old friends just hanging out! Not everyone can make you feel that way! They also pay such great attention to all the little details that every couple would want to remember! I suggest that if you are looking for great photography for your wedding day, check them out here!!
Rene and Amanda's wedding took place at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, CA.

Photographer Joe + Kathrina

For additional photos of this wedding:

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